Troiani Group Offers the Pittsburgh Planning Commission a Commitment to Long-Term City Growth and Renewal with Signature First Side Tower

Family-owned Troiani Group to redevelop its generational accumulation of properties at Boulevard of the Allies, Market Street and First Avenue as a consolidated and zoning-compliant site in the urban core of the Golden Triangle.

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For Immediate Release – June 10, 2020 – As part of an ongoing large-scale and unique development initiative, the Troiani Group plans a high-density, mixed-use, and green development at the locations of 212 and 214 Boulevard of the Allies to restore and revitalize Downtown Pittsburgh’s First Side. The project, 25 years in the making, is a multi-generational effort of the Troiani family to establish a community-centric, ecologically mindful, and economically stimulating building structure. The proposed structure will create a zone of opportunity for the City of Pittsburgh that complements and enlivens the First Side district and attracts world-class office tenancy and residency to the Golden Triangle in a vibrant and thriving live-work environment.

Michael Troiani, president of Troiani Group, the family-owned retail, residential, office, and parking property company, is looking forward to launching a regenerative urban design project that gathers and integrates community input. The result will be a catalytic building that fosters a positive, mixed-use, and community-oriented space at the heart of the Golden Triangle.

“Especially as the recent pandemic has required us to keep our distance, we are building opportunities to bring people together in healthy and vibrant spaces in the future. We’re committed to doing our part to upgrade these special places within our city, gather and incorporate community input, and integrate new quality and positive-use spaces into the city’s existing framework for everyone in Pittsburgh to utilize, enjoy, and connect,” Troiani said.

The building design characteristics will include elements that reflect and blend with the look, feel, and scale of surrounding Downtown buildings, including a mixed palette of original and new brick and stone masonry, historical plaques, and integrated reuse of existing building materials. Urban green space will be a key feature of the structure, which will be developed and integrated through a public process in collaboration with the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership.Troiani_Boulevard and Market Rendering

Building diversified activities include:

  • 200,000 square feet of Modern Trophy Class A Office Space connected to the city with elevated views to Point State Park, Market Square, and the Monongahela River
  • 151 residential units, with a high-curtained, wind-protected, sun-facing exterior pool, and interior and recessed private balconies
  • Illuminated street-level retail at the intersection of Market and First, embodying the spirit of prior use with a restaurant and gathering place featuring a rooftop deck and local music
  • Street-level open space at the Boulevard of the Allies on both sides of Market Street, with the intention to engage the Downtown and surrounding communities with activities and programming including yoga classes, art exhibitions, and more
  • Community-engaging open space bridging the pedestrian route from PNC Park and Heinz Field to the Cultural District, Market Square, First Avenue, and the Three Rivers Heritage Trail

Over the decades, the Troiani family has prided itself on enhancing lives through responsible community development. In reshaping and transforming properties, and in reimagining how the accumulation of smaller sites can develop into more meaningful presences, the family has focused on creating community spaces that that significantly improve life function.

“Our family shares the City of Pittsburgh’s commitment to creating a sustainable future. We are committed to responsible development that balances Pittsburgh’s past and present assets and brings them into our shared future,” Troiani said. “We are honored to participate in shaping Pittsburgh’s skyline and enlivening our Golden Triangle.”

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