Join Us in Revitalizing Downtown Pittsburgh

The Troiani Group is committed to demonstrating our long-term commitment and contribution to our city’s growth and renewal. Right now, we have incredible momentum and opportunity to position the value and excitement of a safe, structurally sound, high-density, mixed-use, and green development proposal, along Boulevard of the Allies and within the Golden Triangle.

Our family holds Pittsburgh dear to our hearts. This project, 25 years in the making, leads the restoration and revitalization efforts of Downtown Pittsburgh’s First Side. Now, we need our friends, neighbors, and fellow community members more than ever to help us move this project forward and position Pittsburgh for a bright and vibrant future. To learn more about our proposal, click here.

Will you join our shared efforts to revitalize Downtown Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle?

First, we are asking you to send letters of support to the City of Pittsburgh Planning Commission for the proposed development at Market St, Boulevard of the Allies, and First Ave. Statements of support must be submitted by July 14th, 2020. Emails can be sent to, and letters to – Planning Commission, 200 Ross St., 4th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

Here is a suggested letter that you can copy and paste, or please feel free to use it to help draft your own thoughts:


Dear Planning Commission,

Please accept my comments in support of the proposed development at Market St, Boulevard of the Allies and First Ave. I am excited by the proposal’s demonstration of how this development will connect our community, create opportunities for growth and vibrancy, transform Pittsburgh’s skyline, and enable Pittsburgh to become a first-class city in attracting top workforce talent and renewed residential investment.

 Downtown Pittsburgh deserves renewal and revitalization along Market St, Boulevard of the Allies and First Ave. I wholeheartedly support this development proposal and encourage you to vote to move the proposal forward at your next meeting.

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Second, we’re asking you to join a community effort in submitting a brief video that explains your support and excitement for Downtown Pittsburgh revitalization efforts. To participate, please respond to this email and we will send you the details.

Third, will you please join groups like Revitalize Pittsburgh, and post your support for this development effort?

Thank you for joining us in our shared efforts to revitalize our Downtown community and propel Pittsburgh forward.

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